Global Wear | The three major indexes of US stocks collectively collect high Huang Renxun to cash out 31.2 million US dollars Nvidia stocks

【US stock index】

On June 17th (Monday), East Time, the three major indexes of the US stocks were collectively closed, of which the S & P 500 index rose 0.77%to 5473.23 points; the Dow Jones Index rose 0.49%to 38778.10 points;%, At 17857.02 points.

【US debt】

On June 17, the benchmark 10 -year US bond yield was 4.28%, and the 2 -year US bond yield on the Federal Reserve’s policy interest rate was 4.75%.

【Popular US stocks】

Among the popular U.S. stocks, Microsoft rose 1.31%, Apple rose 1.97%, Nvidia fell 0.68%, Google C rose 0.23%, Google A rose 0.26%, Amazon rose 0.22%, Meta rose 0.49%, TSMC rose 2.77%, Tesla rose,5.30%, ultra -micro semiconductor fell 0.77%, Intel rose 1.74%.

【Global Index】

index Quote change Point French CAC40 0.91% 7571.57 Fu Shi 100 -0.06% 8142.15 German DAX 0.37% 18068.21 Russian RTS -0.98% 1126.25

【China Index】

On June 17, overnight Hang Seng Technology Index Futures rose 0.08%, the Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index fell 0.05%, and FTSE China A50 index fell 0.17%.

【Summary Stock】

In terms of popular Chinese stocks, Tencent Holdings (Hong Kong stocks) rose 0.37%, Pinduer fell 0.46%, Alibaba rose 1.62%, NetEase fell 0.08%, Ctrip fell 0.06%, Baidu fell 0.63%, ideal car fell 1.92%, WeilaiRising 2.43%, Xiaopeng Automobile rose 1.81%.

【Foreign Exchange Products】

Foreign exchange exchange rate Raising and falling (base point)) USD/RMB (lying) 7.27 -10 BP US dollar/euro 0.93 -3.3 BP Dollars/yen 157.71 -350 BP

Commodity futures Quote change Latest price Comex silver 2.50% $ 29.54/ounce Comex gold -0.39% 2317.90 US dollars/ounce WTI crude oil 0.71% $ 78.53/barrel Brent crude oil 0.58% 82.67 US dollars/barrel LME copper -0.50% 9615.52 US dollars/ton

【Global News】

Huang Renxun cash out $ 31.1 million Nvidda shares

Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, reported a series of stock transaction operations to the US Stock Exchange.The document shows that on June 13-14, it sold 240,000 Nvidia shares for a total value of 31.2 million US dollars.In the past month, Nvidia’s stock price has increased by 42%.

Musk: Master Plan Part 4 is committed to Tesla Hongtu.

Musk: Master Plan Part 4 is committed to Tesla Hongtu.

Apple will terminate the internal Apple Pay installment payment service

Apple will terminate the internal Apple Pay installment payment service.

Federal Reserve President Powell will publish a semi -annual monetary policy testimony on July 9th

The Office of Brown, Chairman of the Financial Committee of the US Senate, said on Monday that Fed’s chairman Powell was scheduled to publish a semi -annual monetary policy testimony at the Senate Banking Committee on July 9.(Financial Association)

The Fed’s Harker: It is possible to maintain interest rates at the current level and wait for data

The Fed’s Harker: It is okay to keep interest rates at the current level and wait for data.

Fed Harker: I still predict that (economic) growth will slow down but higher than the trend level. The unemployment rate will increase slightly. Long -term inflation rate will fall to 2%

Fed Hak: I still predict that (economic) growth will slow down but higher than the trend level. The unemployment rate has risen slightly, and the long -term inflation rate will fall to 2%.

The Fed Hak: The Federal Reserve has interest rate cuts twice or no interest rate reduction is possible. It is currently facing uncertainty

Fed Hak: (on the issue of inflation) still lacks necessary confidence, and has not completely eliminated uncertainty.The long -term stubbornness of housing inflation is still worrying, as is the inflation of the service industry.It is possible to pay interest rates twice or not to cut interest rates, and it is currently facing uncertainty.

Nvidia will buy a billions of dollars to buy!

The Index tracked by the SPDR Fund (XLK) of the Technology Selection Industry will officially balance it at the end of this week.According to SPDR American Research, the new calculation method will allow Microsoft to ranks first in the index, followed by Nvidia and Apple. The weight of Nvidia reaches 20%, and Apple’s weight will be greatly reduced.

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear a case of Nvidia cryptocurrency mining income

Nvidia is trying to prevent a lawsuit in an investor. The lawsuit accuses the company’s dependence on the dependence of encrypted mining revenue before the market downturn in 2018.The judges said on Monday that they would listen to Nvidia’s arguments, that is, the lawsuit lacks sufficient details.The lawsuit was led by E. Ohman J: OR Fonder AB, Sweden’s Stockholm Investment Management Company, and requested that the amount of compensation was uncertain.(Financial Association)

Tesla’s supplier Matthews electric vehicle battery before the commercial confidential prosecution

Tesla sued the former supplier of the California Court of California, Matthews International, accusing him of stealing commercial secrets related to Tesla battery manufacturing and sharing it with the competitors of the electric car giant.The lawsuit was proposed in the North District Court of California on Friday, saying that Mattheum owned Tesla’s “conservative estimation of more than $ 1 billion” compensation due to the abuse of the company’s business secrets related to the production technology of the stem electrode battery manufacturing technology.Matthew’s spokesman, Tesla’s lawyer and spokesman did not immediately respond to the comments request on Monday local time.(Sina)