Healthy China looks at Shanxi: Provincial Cancer Hospital Carrys out the National Health Quality Propaganda Monthly Monthly Series Activities

On June 19, the Nanxi Hospital (Shanxi Cancer Hospital) of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences held the launching ceremony of the National Healthy Propaganda Monthly.The theme of the event is “the first responsible person who promotes health and promote health”. More than 100 people with breast patients and family members, social persons, and medical staff participated in the event.The launching ceremony was chaired by Li Jing, the head nurse of the breast surgery area.
Bai Wenqi, deputy dean of Shanxi Cancer Hospital, said at the launching ceremony that improving the level of health literacy of the whole people is one of the most fundamental and most effective measures to improve the health level of the whole people.By carrying out the national health literacy promotion month activities, improve the health knowledge and skills of residents, promote the development of health, to meet and meet the increasing health needs of the public, so that the people have the ability to be the first responsible person of their own health.
Deputy Dean Bai Wenqi emphasized that the development of health literacy is of great significance for promoting health and health work from “cure disease” to “health -centric”.
Kang Yi, deputy director of the Medical Division, reads the “Proposal to Improve the Literacy of the People”, calling on everyone to work together to improve the level of health literacy of the whole people, popularize healthy life, increase the health of the whole people, and become the first responsible person of their own health.Shi Cherry, deputy director of the prevention of health care, interprets the connotation and significance of enhancement of the actions of health literacy to everyone, and encourages everyone to become a city. Under the guidance of 66 Chinese citizens’ health literacy in the 2024 version, care for life, cherish health, and work together to get healthyOn the avenue.
Han Hui (Host), deputy director of breast surgery, stated that breast surgery will continue to promote the construction of the national tumor regional medical center, consolidate the first batch of breast cancer regulatory diagnosis and treatment pilot centers in Shanxi Province, and the only provincial -level provincial -level “millions of women’s breast census census census census census census census census census census census census censusThe daily work of the project “base, and do a good job of standardized scientific diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.Chen Ying, chief of the nurse of breast surgery, said that while doing professional -level care for patients with breast patients, he continued to strengthen the spread of popular science knowledge for the public, enhance public health literacy, and use the functional exercise of the affected limb and music healing.Rehabilitation.
During subsequent activities, Deputy Director Shi Cherry brought a health lecture on “Chinese Citizen Health Literacy — Basic Knowledge and Skills (2024 Edition)” to the live audience.Mi Yuanyuan, a nurse in the breast surgery, hosted a prize and answer session. The audience actively participated in interaction, and the atmosphere at the scene was warm.
Subsequently, the clinical nurse team demonstrated that patients, family members and all medical care actively participated in the on -site study of “postoperative rehabilitation exercises”.For cardiopulmonary resuscitation lectures and exercises, the sisters are carefully explained and demonstrated for everyone. The audience is divided into two large groups to actively participate in interactive teaching and training.Through practice, everyone has expressed its benefits, and at the emergency, the “golden time” for the heartbeat stop is to fight for the heartbeat.
The launching ceremony of the National Health Quality Month Monthly not only conveys healthy knowledge and skills, spreads a healthy lifestyle, enhances the health awareness of participants, enhances the public’s health literacy level.The desire for health knowledge is welcome to popular science activities.In the future work, the hospital will fully work hard, due to diligence, and do a good job of professional and standardized clinical medical care and nursing services.Serve.
Text / Zhu Xi, a correspondent South Korean Hui Chen Ying, Cui Xiaolei Liu Xinxin Stone Cherry Jia Yali