Pingtan’s first large -scale commercial city complex opened

Southeast Network June 1st (Fujian Daily reporter Zhang Zhehao correspondent He Yan Chen Mengfei) On May 31, Pingtan Wuyue Plaza officially opened a customer.This is the first large commercial city complex in Pingtan, adding a new good place to citizens shopping and entertainment.
It is understood that Pingtan Wuyue Plaza covers an area of ​​about 120,000 square meters. It integrates the functions of shopping, entertainment, office and other functions. It has more than 1,300 parking spaces. The blue tears bay, island secret, Junshan Wanghai, etc. inside the mall, etc.Multiple consumer scenarios with local elements.Nearly 200 brands have settled in, of which more than 75%are the “first shop” brand.
“The opening of Wuyue Square fills the blank of Pingtan experience business, and promotes the construction of Pingtan International Tourism Island from the original sightseeing tour to deep experience tour, creating a new one -stop leisure lifestyle for citizens and tourists.Consumption ‘business and tourism integration new experience.
On the same day, Pingtan also launched the “Quanjian Yue Shopping” in 2024 to promote consumer activities. It will carry out “food carnival”, “beautiful life carnival”, “car subsidy to promote consumption to promote consumption through the carrier platforms such as Wuyue Plaza and the commercial districts in the area.”In other series of activities, promote the special gourmet food and catering of the” Millennium Encountered Pingtan Banquet “, provide citizens and tourists with a multi -level tourism consumption experience, and continue to explode the peak season for tourism consumption.