The "Science and Technology Caprica Sanxiangxiang" event enters the campus to promote the spirit of scientists to improve the level of young science and technology innovation

Recently, the “Three Losses of the Technology Curline” event was held at Hangu Datian School.The event was jointly launched by Binhai New District Science and Technology Bureau and Binhai Science and Technology Museum, Hangu Datian Middle School, Hangu Datian Primary School and Tianhua Li Community.”Huiminxing County” technology volunteer service allows scientists to take root on the fertile soil of the “Three Losses of Science and Technology Cars”.

During the event, the Binhai Science and Technology Museum’s “Huiminxing County” Science and Technology Volunteer Service Team sent the “Moral Science and Technology Museum” to Hangu Datian School.Basic scientific principles such as magnetic, power, and numbers provide science popularization services to the majority of teachers and students.Students are fresh and curious about these experience projects, and have a strong interest in their scientific principles.The popular science teacher of the Binhai Science and Technology Museum enthusiastically explained and patiently answered questions, and encouraged students to practice.Teachers and students said that there was a lot of gains.

According to reports, in the “Three Downside of Science and Technology Cars” activities, scientific and technological personnel went deep into rural science popularization and technical guidance.Stimulate the interest of young people to study science, cultivate their scientific thinking, and improve their scientific and innovative capabilities and levels.Next, Binhai Science and Technology Museum will give full play to the advantages of science popularization resources, create a sustainable development model cooperation model, deepen the “Huiminxing County” science and technology volunteer service project, and help young people to realize the scientific dream.