Young people will not "lie down", and the good environment must "stand up"

“Young people still can’t lie. You have to follow the rolling. Only when the volume can make results and succeed.” Recently, Yao Yang, a special professor of Boya, Peking University and the director of the China Economic Research Center, made suggestions for young people.He said, “You lie flat for a few days, you will find that the world is far away from you, only to go with you. In the process of volume, as long as the mentality is calm and arrange your family life, you will roll out fun.”Essence

Professor Yao’s remarks attracted the dissatisfaction and conflict of netizens.Judging from the information presented by the media, the reason for the reason is that the expert’s suggestion is “only half said” -ly, the young people cannot “lie down”, but the good environment must “stand up.”

There is no doubt that young people cannot “lie flat”.Regardless of whether it is smooth or adversity, whether it is “uphill” or “downhill”, continuously strives forward and climb, can we create more future possibilities.To stop and do nothing, the existing competition advantages will disappear, and the gap and disadvantages of others will become larger.As the mainstay of the society, young people refuse to “lie down”, and the development of the country is more prospective and energetic.

From the actual choice of young people, “lying flat” is not its true value orientation and behavior choice. Most people may just talk about it.The original intention of pursuing a better life and achieving a higher value of life, driving them to refuse to “lie down” in their hearts. The individual’s deficiencies and upward motivation promotes their active changes and “supporting edges.”

However, even if “lying down” is only the verbal ridicule and emotional expression of most young people, the impact of the major environment reflected on the individual mentality cannot be ignored.In recent years, focusing on young people’s education, employment and marriage, and childcare, the state has increased policy support to help young people solve the problem of “urgency and sorrow”.For example, make every effort to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates and rectify employment discrimination; optimize the regulation measures of the real estate market to meet the needs of young people; improve the nursery service, let young people “want to live” and “dare to live” …

Efforts and achievements should be seen and affirmed.However, it is said that related work still needs to be continuously reviewed and strengthened.If you do not focus on whether the deep level is solved, but blindly advise young people to “do not lie down”, it is obviously not an objective and rational attitude.

Young people are in the life stage that has infinite longing for the future.Most of them are neither willing to “lie down” nor can they continue to “flatten”.What they have already “bears” do not need to “pressurize”, but more “relief”. It is the continuous attention and solution to deep -seated problems, and it is to stand up the good environment.Understand and follow this basic premise, public dialogue can be more harmonious.