Article 23 of the Hong Kong "Basic Law" Effective Britain and other updates for tourism warnings

[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yishan Hong Kong Comprehensive Report) Article 23 of the Basic Law on the 23rd of the Legislative Corporation took effect on the 23rd.It is suitable for activities performed outside Hong Kong, reminding people to go to Hong Kong to have political risks.

The British government updated its tourism warnings on Hong Kong last Friday (22nd), and pointed out to British businessmen and travelers that Hong Kong currently has the “Hong Kong National Security Law” and the “Maintenance National Security Regulations”, which take effect in 2020 and 2024.The so -called charges include splitting state, subverting state power, organizing and implementing terrorist activities, colluding foreign forces, rebels, inciting rebellions, illegal leaking national secrets, and external intervention harm to national security.The law can be widely explained that individuals and organizations can be prosecuted. Once convicted, the highest punishment can be punished for life imprisonment.

The British government also claims that the “National Security Law of the Port Area” is suitable for activities in Hong Kong and abroad, including in the UK; the law is suitable for everyone, regardless of their nationality or place of residence;mainland.The Hong Kong police are hanging red individuals who live outside Hong Kong, including individuals in the UK.The Hong Kong government has also arrested some people who proposed to oppose the remarks of Hong Kong and the Chinese government. Even if they support these arrested people, they will violate the National Security Law.

In addition, the Australian government has previously updated its tourism warnings on Hong Kong, saying that the new “Maintenance of the National Security Law” has taken effect, the provisions are strict, and its explanation can be quite extensive.Even if there is no intention to violate the law, it may violate the law and be sued and detained, and may not be able to contact a lawyer.The Australian government suggested that the people are highly vigilant.(See another article for details)

In Taiwan, the National Security Director Cai Mingyan said on Thursday at the meeting of the Legislative Yuan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Commission that the “Maintenance of the National Security Regulations” had been passed, and the criminal responsibility was very heavy.In the year, the definition of so -called illegal activities was very vague.

Cai Mingyan reminds the people of Taiwan that if you want to enter Hong Kong, you must pay special attention to his personal safety, pay attention to the information on his social network account or in the mobile phone if you criticize the Chinese politics and mainland economy, and avoid being convicted after entering Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government responded that there was a strong condemnation of the country and region’s “false tips to the so -called outdoor tour” to indicate that the risk of going to Hong Kong has increased.@ @