Can the "bone mud" in the starch sausage of the entire network, can you eat it?

In recent days, starch sausages have frequently appeared on hot search.

The reason is that on March 15th, some media stated that starch sausages not only have starch, but also meat, and this kind of meat is mainly chicken and chicken bone mud.Media investigations also found that most of the currently sold chicken mud are pet food merchants, and merchants said that bone mud does not recommend people to eat.

At the same time, there are more and more claims about bone mud on the Internet, such as “the leftovers and the corners of the slaughterhouse, etc., can be made of bone mud.”””.After all, starch sausage has always been a snack that many people love.

When it comes to factory companies, small to the roadside stalls is also affected. Selling starch sausage seems to become a sunset industry overnight.

So, how do bone mud do?Can you eat it?


What is bone mud?

Netizens’ concerns about bone mud in the starch intestine lies in the raw materials and processes of bone mud, whether it is hygienic and safe.

A wide spread on the Internet shows that in the environment with poor sanitary conditions, the chickens that are not processed are thrown directly into the machine.Ingredients of bone mud.

It is not excluded that some factories and enterprises make bone mud under this circumstance, but they should not be comprehensive, so that some conscience companies suffer unsatisfactory injustices, and they are also stigmatized for bone mud.

So, what exactly is bone mud?

Liu Shaowei, a member of the expert group of the Shanghai Food Safety Research Association, introduced Yiyi to read that there is a professional term “mechanical separation of meat” that is close to bone mud and formal professional terms, which refers to the production of benches and poultry with meat and bones.Meatmeal products.

National Standard GB/T 40463-2021 “Mechanical separation meat” stipulates the composition of mechanical separation of meat (commonly known as “meat”).The “chicken meal” processed by chicken bone, the protein content is not less than 12%, the fat does not exceed 20%, the bone residue content does not exceed 0.15%, and the bone residue particles do not exceed 3 mm.The “pork meal” with pork bone as the main raw material has a protein content of not less than 14%, fat does not exceed 30%, and the bone residue content is as many as 3%.

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Picture source: GB/T 40463-2021 “Mechanical separation meat”

Doctoral food engineering did not intend to say that the difference between the composition of bone mud and “mechanical separation of meat” is that the bone residue content is different.There are only few bone residues in the minced chicken, and all the bone residues are retained in the chicken bone mud.

At the same time, the national standard GB/T 40463-2021 “Mechanical separation meat” also stipulates that bones with meat bones should be derived from quarantine, inspecting qualified livestock and poultry ketone body or dividing products.In this regard, Article 34 of the Food Safety Law also has the same regulations. It is forbidden to produce meat products that have not been quarantined or quarantined in accordance with regulations, or meat products that are not inspected or unqualified.

In addition to chicken, ducks and pigs, cattle, sheep, donkeys, fish, and even frogs, as long as the quarantine and inspection are qualified, many animal bones can be used for bone mud.Ruan Guangfeng, deputy director and deputy research librarian of Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, told Yiyi that this should be comprehensive consideration based on the output of the bone, its own characteristics, and product needs.Make bone mud with different uses.

According to Ruan Guangfeng, the cost of animal breeding in my country is high, and the feed is highly dependent on imports. The use of mud is very important for overall food supply and food safety, and it can also meet the needs of so many people to eat meat.At present, the source of bone mud is more pork, cow, sheep and chicken, because these animals have large output and large bones. In the breeding and slaughtering factories, there are usually a lot of bones.Continue processing.

Moreover, Liu Shaowei mentioned that the price of bone mud should theoretically cheaper than chicken.

And how is bone mud made?

Yun Wuxin introduced that the production of chicken bone mud has two processes: cold processing and thermal processing.

The cold processing technology is to select the fresh bones, clean it, remove the meat as much as possible, and then freeze, then chop them, grind and finely grind, and finally become mud.The cold processing technology requires the cold chain throughout the process.

The thermal processing process is to wash the fresh bone for high -pressure, high -pressure cooking, crushing, rough grinding, fine grinding, and may even be performed, and then the bone mud can be obtained.

Bone mud use

Yun Wuxin said that the process of bone mud processing has high requirements. If the temperature control is not good, it may cause the product to rot with bacteria.

The bone mud that meets food standards can be used as food raw materials, but has higher requirements for equipment and operations.If the food grade requirements are not met, but only the “feed standard” is performed, the products obtained cannot be eaten, but can only be used as feed.

The traditional concept believes that bones are useless “corner materials”, “lower foot materials” and “waste”, but in fact, as a animal food resource, bone mud plays a great role in food processing.

In addition to starch sausages, there are also many foods made of bone mud on the market, such as meatballs, meat pine and meat; and adding bone mud as a nutritional enhancement agent to pastry and biscuits to make fudge, dumplings, round dumplings, balls, and dumplings.Calcium -rich bone mud, nutritional rice fruit, etc.; you can also add appropriate vegetables and spices to stir into stuffing to make foods such as frozen buns, dumplings, and sale.Bone mud may be used.

The reason why bone mud series can exist is that bone mud has considerable nutritional value.

Bone puree not only makes full use of the flesh attached to the bone, but also includes collagen, calcium, and bone marrow in the bone. The cartilain, phospholipids, rich amino acids, and various essential vitamins and trace elements in the bone marrow.In addition, the bone itself is calcium hydroxytic phosphate, which can also be absorbed by the human body after grinding into mud.

In 2005, “The Nutritional Value of Chicken Bone Mud and its Food Processing Technology” published in “Meat Industry” was compared with the main nutritional ingredients of chicken bone mud with pork, milk and rice.Calcium and phosphorus content are higher than pork, milk and rice.The paper shows that the calcium phosphorus ratio in chicken bone mud is about 2: 1, which is the best proportion of the human body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It can be said that calcium supplementation is better than milk.

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Picture source: Weibo@图 博 45; Reference [1]

In addition, the protein content of chicken bone mud is high and low in fat, which is a typical high -nutrition and low -thermal energy food.Therefore, chicken bone mud is not only suitable for the disease caused by calcium deficiency, but also because of the low cholesterol content, suitable for patients with hypertension and heart disease.

In short, bone mud can not only replace meat or add to meat products, imitation meat products or meat -flavored foods, but also provide a effective shortcut.

The development and utilization of animal bone food at home and abroad is not limited to bone mud, as well as bone powder, bone, bone gum, osteosptide, and so on.

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Picture source: Reference materials [2]

Bone meal can be added to food, and bone foods such as bone meal biscuits, hanging noodles, etc. can also be made into health products, such as bone marrow bone powder, bone essence and various calcium preparations;In the production of bottoms and meat products, it is used as raw materials for meat seasoning and flavors.

As Ruan Guangfeng said, animal bones are a very common food raw material. It is widely used. Whether it is starch sausage or seasoning made of bone mud, as long as the production meets national standards, safety is not a problem.

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