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Frisch: With Lawler on board, next game focuses on Munster’s title defense

Antoine Frisch believes the addition of skills coach Mossy Lawler and a continued focus on the next game will give the Munster side the chance to repeat their BKT URC exploits in the 2023-24 season.

Munster take on the Dragons at Musgrave Park in Cork tomorrow afternoon as they look to make an unbeaten start to their second season under Graham Langtry. At the Connaught side

Frisch, 27, played an integral part in the turnaround of the Munster side last season, helping them win their first URC title in more than a decade. He says the mentality that first rescued the Munster team from a self-inflicted predicament and then propelled them to the trophy has carried over into the current campaign.

“I think it’s just a result of week after week, match after match, and the mentality to keep getting better,” he said. He said, “We’ve had that same mentality this season. We’re actually more focused on the process, and if you can do that and give it your all on the weekends, then good things will happen.

Frisch also believes that Lawler’s role as technical coach will be crucial to Munster’s title defense.

Frisch: With Lawler on board, next game focuses on Munster’s title defense

“Moses has joined us as well,” he said, “and he brings a lot of detail to our offense and gives us, especially our backs, everything we need to improve.” All the tools you need, all the solutions you need, he gives you, so I think even from the final we have made huge progress, so that’s pleasing.”

Frisch also hinted at another potential boost for Munster this season: the return of the province’s Irish players after their disastrous World Cup quarter-final elimination by New Zealand.

“Of course, I think they’ll be very upset,” he said.” They’re probably going to be pissed off at the team we’re going to play, so I think they’re looking forward to getting back into the game. I think they have a lot of frustration.”

Overall, Frisch is optimistic about Minster’s chances of repeating URC’s success this season.

“I think we have a great chance,” he said.” We have a good team with a strong roster and we’re all really looking forward to the challenge.”

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