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Go and Tennis: A Comprehensive Comparison

Racket sports and tennis are two popular racquet sports that have some similarities but are also very different. Both sports involve hitting a ball over a net with a racket, but the rules, court sizes, and playing styles vary.

Court size and playing surface

One of the most significant differences between cricket and tennis is court size. Cricket courts are smaller than tennis courts, measuring 20 m x 10 m (65.6 ft x 32.8 ft), while tennis courts measure 23.77 m x 8.23 m (78 ft x 27 ft). Cricket pitches are smaller and the game is faster, focusing on reaction and close contact.

Another major difference is that cricket grounds are fenced. Cricket pitches have glass or net walls on all four sides, which players can strategically use to bounce off. This adds an extra dimension to the game, making it more creative and unpredictable. On the other hand, tennis courts do not have walls, which means players must rely on their own athleticism and skill to pick up the ball.

Scoring system and serve

Pader and tennis also have different scoring systems. Pader matches are usually played in a best-of-three format, with six games played in each set. If the teams are tied 6-6, a tiebreaker is played. Pader also uses a closed scoring system, where the receiving team can choose which side of the court to receive the serve from when the match is tied.

Go and Tennis: A Comprehensive Comparison

Tennis matches are also usually played in a best-of-three system, but each match is played in six sets and requires a two-set advantage to win. Tennis also uses the traditional advantage point system.

Cricket and tennis have different requirements for serving. Cricket serves must be under the armpit and bounce below the waist before hitting the ball. Whereas the tennis serve can be either an upper or lower arm serve and must bounce once on the ground before hitting the ball.

Doubles matches

Cricket and tennis are usually doubles matches, but the dynamics are different. Cricket is essentially a doubles-based sport, with smaller courts conducive to greater teamwork and communication between partners. On the other hand, tennis doubles places more emphasis on individual play due to the larger courts.


Pader and tennis are both exciting and challenging racquet sports that offer different experiences to the athlete. Pader has smaller courts and fences, so the game is faster and more creative, while tennis has larger courts, so the strokes are more powerful and individual talent can be utilized more.

Ultimately, the best sport for you depends on your personal preferences and style of play. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, energetic sport to play with friends, board tennis is a great choice. If you’re looking for a more challenging, traditional sport that celebrates your personality, then tennis is a great choice.

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