Hebei Gaobei Store 2024 Primary and Middle School Student Track and Field Games opened

The opening ceremony.Photo by Zhang Zhijun
China News Network Hebei News, April 18 (Xu Qiaoming Wang Juan) On April 17, the track and field sports meeting of primary and secondary school students (adolescents) in Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province opened.More than 3,100 referees and other representatives participated in the opening ceremony.
The scene of the men’s high jump project competition.Photo by Zhang Zhijun
The sports meeting lasted three days, with three groups: primary school group, junior high school group, and high school group.35 teams and 780 athletes from various primary and secondary schools in the city will start a wonderful competition around 17 sports such as sprinting, long -distance running, high jump, long jump, shotgun, and javelin.The Games finally selected personal awards, group awards, sports morality awards, outstanding coaches awards, excellent referees awards and outstanding organization awards.
Junior High School Women’s 100m Running Project Competition.Photo by Zhang Zhijun
According to Guo Hongliang, director of the Education and Sports Bureau of Gaobeidian City, this sports meeting is one of the campaigns of the ideological and moral construction brand of the “Olympic Champions City Cup U Series” in the city.The results of sunlight sports have promoted the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise in the city.
The high school men’s long jump project competition site.Photo by Zhang Zhijun
In recent years, Gaobeidian has vigorously implemented quality education, comprehensively strengthened physical education, and extensively carried out sports in primary and secondary schools.In March of this year, the city was selected as the list of “the second batch of Hebei Provincial Sports Education Integration Benching County (City, District)” list.(over)