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Top 12 Overrated and Underrated Teams in College Football Playoff Rankings

The third installment of the College Football Playoff rankings for the 2023 season was released on Tuesday, and one of the biggest news items was a change in the order of the rankings. After a big win over Ole Miss, Georgia moved up to No. 1 and Ohio State fell to No. 2. Michigan, Florida State and Washington State round out the top five.

Top 12 Overrated and Underrated Teams in College Football Playoff Rankings

Oregon, which has just one loss and is ranked sixth, looks to avenge its loss in a Pac-12 Conference Tournament rematch with Washington State. Texas, Alabama, Missouri and Louisville round out the top 10. Tulane is currently ranked No. 24 in the selection committee’s rankings, giving the Green Wave a commanding advantage in the best-of-five New Year’s Six tournament. However, with two games left in the regular season, there are plenty of teams lurking on the fringes of the rankings.


No. 12 Penn State

Penn State is a one-dimensional team that relies heavily on the running game. Drew Allar’s passing offense has been inefficient all season, and the team ranks 130th in the country in 20-yard and beyond offense. While the Daytona Lions have a couple of “nice losses” on their resume, they’ve been terrible all season long.

16 Iowa State.

Iowa’s offense is one of the worst in the country, as the team ranks 132nd in the country in rushing offense of 10 yards or more. The Hawkeyes are also terrible in the red zone, as they rank 129th in the country in red zone touchdowns.


No. 13 Ole Miss

Ole Miss was eliminated by Georgia, but the team is loaded with talent. Mississippi’s defense ranks 12th nationally in yards allowed per game and 21st in interceptions. Mississippi also has the ability to score, averaging 34.4 points per game this season.

17 Arizona.

Arizona has won four of its last five games and the Wildcats have a talented offense led by quarterback Jayden DeLaura. The Wildcats also have a solid defense that ranks 34th in the country in scoring defense.

18 Tennessee

Tennessee is loaded with talent on both offense and defense, and the Volunteers have been playing well in recent weeks. The team has won three of its last four games and is averaging 39 points per game on the offensive end.

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