Chasing Light | Rare three arrows rear -end!This millennium movement "shoots" into the campus

Have you ever seen a rare “three arrows rear -end”?
The first arrow is in the middle of the 10th ring
The latter two arrows shot the first arrow tail in order
The phenomenon of overlapping and stunned three arrows
This is not an archery, but a crossbow
In May 2019, Li Xiaoli shot “Three Arrows Rear End”
Li Xiaoli, the inheritor of the crossbow project in Yunnan Province
In the 11th National Civil Games in 2019
Yunnan Shooting Crossbow Team Selection Tournament
Just shot this result
In the end, he was selected as the Yunnan team with the score of 20 arrows and 193 ring
Of course, the results of these three arrows are recorded as 30 rings
Li Xiaoli is known as “the prince of the crossbow”
He participated in the 5th National Minority Games
Nine gold medals in the crossbow project
And 5 national ethnic minority crossbow championship gold medals
Li Xiaoli Show the medals
He not only can shoot the crossbow, but also make a crossbow
The traditional crossbow that he and his friends have improved because of good grades
Known as the “Kunming Crossbow” by the industry
Li Xiaoli, who is now 55 -year -old, has become a crossbow teacher
Not only the teaching students shoot the crossbow, but also the way of teaching the crossbow
Li Xiaoli made a crossbow
Crossbowwarming originated from the Warring States Period
It is an important hunting tool in ancient my country
From ancient times to resist foreign enemies and precise hunting weapons
Getting into a competitive project of traditional national sports
The crossbow has gone through thousands of years
It is passed down from generation to generation in many ethnic minorities in my country
Data map: On June 21, 2018, the Women of the Dai women in Shiro Village, Xia Ruo Township, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province were shooting the crossbow competition.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Zongyou Photo
Now that the crossbow movement has become a new fashion among young people
It not only entered the campus
It has also become a popular elective course
Students can not only learn the skills of shooting crossbow
You can also learn to do crossbow bows and arrow feathers
The school that sets off a wave of crossbow is–
Yunnan Sports Vocational and Technical College
The school promotes the excellent traditional culture of China
Promote the popularization and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage
Since 2019, “Crossbow” and “Crossbow Crossbow Craft”
As a new major and new skills, introduce to campus
8 -section crossbow lessons per week, 1 hour per section
The school has specially built more than 700 square meters of firearm field
Hire Li Xiaoli as a full -time teacher
“Holding a crossbow and holding a lift in the right hand,
Close the left eye, watch the right, pull the string, aim, and the trigger “
Li Xiaoli, who is going to class for students
As soon as the words fell, one arrow left the string, and went straight to the target heart
The stability of the standard crossbow training of 3.5 kg is not easy
Xie Xielin, a Dai student Xie Xielin, completed the training of Lizi and kneeling posture
Sweat on the forehead
“I think girls are cool to shoot crossbow!”
The second half
Li Xiaoli moved the class to the crossbow production and biography house
He pointed at the standard crossbow and traditional crossbow on the wall:
“It is best to choose rock mulberry wood for crossbow bows
It is a mulberry tree growing in the gap
Good stability, not wormless
The trigger uses a beef bone, the crossbow strings are used in Dacon … “
Li Xiaoli started to teach everyone to entangle the string rope
“Every buckle must be tightened so that the accuracy can be guaranteed.”
Yi students Li Qinghong entangled very seriously
He had a deep impression on the crossbow since he was a child:
“I used to reclaim the wasteland at home
The older generation will use crossbow to drive wild boars
And one shot
Now there is this learning condition
I want to follow Master to learn the crossbow and crossbow
Participate in the competition in the future, and then teach your own students. “
With the support of school policy
Under the leadership of Li Xiaoli
The students quickly mastered the core skills of the crossbow
In the five years when the crossbow entered the campus
The school has trained a 12 -person crossbow school team
Reserve talents for traditional national sports
“Learn to make crossbow to better understand the crossbow.
National sports are respectable, interesting, and wisdom.
I hope more young people like this sport.”
Li Xiaoli said
A crossbow
National memories that cross the millennium
Carrying heavy national culture
Leave a long -lasting non -genetic inheritance
Copywriting: Yue Ranran, Gao Meng, Wang Anhaowei
Picture: Wang Aowei, Gao Meng