Outdoor sports and other outdoor sports are favored by vibrant elderly people in the sports equipment market.

  Merchants reporter Meng Jiajun

  Not long ago, the 2024 Huangpu Marathon competition, a 66 -year -old participant in a fashionable roller skating equipment, insisted on gliding in the rain to complete the full marathon, and the short video quickly became popular on the Internet.In the traditional impression of many people, Tai Chi and Square Dance seem to be the elderly sports programs that most people are familiar with.Now, the fields of outdoor sports that have been highly respected by young people, such as cycling, rolling skating, skiing, etc., are attracting more and more active participation of the elderly.With the rise of this trend, the aging products that are demanding on the sports of the elderly have continued to emerge, and the market for the elderly outdoor sports equipment has also been heating up.

  Search for the keywords of “Outdoor Sports” in Xiaohongshu, and find that there are many elderly people who love to play young people.”Ski” and other posts abound.The “Survey of National Fitness Activities” shows that the preference for outdoor sports preferences are becoming increasingly obvious. Among the men over the age of 60 in my country, the cycling project has already jumped to the top three in the most popular outdoor event list, and climbing is 3.4%participating in participation with a 3.4%participation. The proportion is ranked sixth, which shows the attractiveness of outdoor sports.

  ”The threshold for cycling is relatively low, and the exercise intensity is moderate. It is very suitable for the elderly who are based on the foundation of motion like me.” Master Wang of Hangzhou has insisted on riding for many years, and wearing a professional model from head to toe.He said, “In recent years, riding equipment is becoming more and more professional. For the Grandet MIPS helmet I wear, it is very good in resistance and security, especially suitable for the use of older groups with relatively weak balance.Guarantee cycling safety and improve exercise experience. “

  Today, more and more outdoor sports brands have insight into the needs of the elderly and launched a series of elderly friendly sports equipment.In the Decathlon online store, a mountaineering stick with a price of 169.9 yuan, which is marked “Elderly Equipment”, is unique in is that the high -density foam material is combined with 3D three -dimensional design. For senior groups with less power, there is better.Grasp the experience.In addition, many bicycle brands have also carried out aging and transformation of key parts such as cushions and handles according to the riding habits and physical characteristics of the elderly to maximize the comfort of the elderly during cycling.

  In addition to the aging sports equipment, the innovation of elderly sportswear is also in full swing.For example, in the field of sports shoes in the elderly, Shu Yue, who focuses on the elderly shoes market, launched a new type of sneakers using a full -handed technology shock absorption system. Combined with the double -layer soft elastic material design, it can reduce the feet caused by the long -term exercise of the elderly.pressure.