[Civilization Practice] Protect the ecological environment to build a beautiful homeland

Civilization Practice Service Center in the New Era of Chadouqi Banner

Carry out Lei Fengyue

“Civilized practice I am a actor”

Volunteer service activity

In order to promote the spirit of volunteer service, promote the concept of ecological civilization, and enhance the awareness of the masses to protect the environment and protect nature, on March 13, the flag new era civilization practice service center joint banner science association, Youth League committee, travel investment company, women’s federation, inspection right backMore than 130 volunteers such as Banner First and Third Middle School, Baiyinchagan’s charges, and other grass -roots units have carried out the “civilization of civilizationPractice I am a actor “volunteer service activity.

Figure 1 Lei Fengyue’s “Civilized Practice, I am an actor” volunteer service activity collective photo

During the event, volunteers carried out garbage bags in one hand, picked up trash in one hand, and carried out garbage pickup activities in an orderly manner according to the division of mission. Cleaning various garbage such as paper towels, beverage bottles, and food bags around the volcano.In the morning, everyone’s garbage bags have been “full”. After the volunteer carpet search and cleanup, the garbage on both sides of the volcanic scenic area was picked up cleanly, and the surrounding environment was refreshing.

Figure 2 Volunteers of Civilization Practice Service Center in the New Era of Flag

Figure 3 Volunteers of Banner Youth League Committee

Figure 4 Volunteers of Tourism Investment Corporation and Baiyinchangdong Toll Station

Figure 5 Volunteers of Banner Women’s Federation

Figure 6 and 7 volunteers organize the garbage they picked up and classify.

“It should strengthen environmental protection legislation and protect the volcanic geological park.” “Do a good job of publicity and education and enhance people’s awareness of volcanic protection.” The students of the third middle school of the Qiqi Third Middle School discussed it in a word, and also opened it.After a unique ecological environmental protection education course, students talked hot.

Figure 8 Students of Xunyou Houqi Third Middle School

“Teacher, we know that the volcano needs to be formed naturally for a long time. It cannot be destroyed. In the future, we will protect these ecological environments like protecting the eyes and become the” civilized practical action “who protects the green water and green mountains!” First Middle SchoolThe students said.

Figure 9 Student students of Chayouhou Banner No. 1 Middle School

Green development is the background of high -quality development, and new productivity itself is green productivity.In the next step, the Flag New Era Civilization Practice Service Center will continue to play the advantage of the volunteer service team, organize various civilized practices and stations to carry out various formal volunteer service activities, so that the spirit of volunteer spirit will bloom in the new era.

Figure 10 Participate in the main unit of this event

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