Low cost to create a live broadcast room, leverage the new gameplay of live fitness scenes

Original title: Create a live broadcast room at low cost, leverage the new gameplay of live fitness scenes

: With the rise of short video platforms, more and more Internet celebrities and fitness experts are beginning to try to live broadcast.Among them, Jingjing Fitness is the head fitness expert account of Shakega Media. The total number of fans of this account is over million, and the cumulative sales of live broadcasts reached 5 million+.Jingjing fitness anchor Jingjing is an experienced ace fitness coach with rich experience. She attracts and accumulate target fans through the fitness live course every day to achieve transformation of goods.

In recent years, the topic of health has been a hot spot in social media, especially affected by the epidemic, and people pay more and more attention to physical health.In 2022, Liu Genghong’s live broadcast room was hot and popular, causing the home of the people to do online and the training boom. Sports and fitness live broadcast became a popular track of Douyin, which ushered in a period of traffic growth.Jingjing Fitness has always taken “professionalism” and “differentiation” as its core competitiveness, continuously creating personal characteristics IP, and enhancing account competitiveness and brand power.

In terms of professionalism, Jingjing fitness anchor has professional fitness knowledge and experience, can accurately locate user needs, professional segmentation of different ages and physical needs, and set up different courses and courses such as hip legs, shoulders, shoulders, and backAfter answering questions and other links.In addition, Jingjing fitness is fixed frequency every day, maintaining stable broadcasting and updating, establishing emotional connections with fans with long -term companionship, and creating a professional and credible sports experience for users.

In terms of differentiation, Jingjing Fitness uses a unique live broadcast method. By using the two -mirror’s chip tool Cyanmirror Green Mirror to achieve film and television -grade cracking, so that the transition and synthesis of the subject and digital scenes are more real and natural, and the low cost is easy to buildIt’s like an offline live online sports live room.During the live broadcast, Jingjing fitness anchors will combine dynamic BGM and real -time practice interaction to quickly mobilize the sports atmosphere of the live broadcast room to bring an immersive sports experience to the audience.

Cyanmirror Green Mirror is a product with high -cutting accuracy. It uses sub -pixel segmentation technology to easily identify and remove the green screen background, so that the cracking effect is natural and real.At the same time, the operation is easy to get started, without complex equipment and light debugging, so that crystal fitness can create a hyperpatient live visual effect at low cost.

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