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Congratulations to Harden! 76ers soften up, uniting with Clippers for a super trio

In the history of the NBA, player trades have always been a topic of great interest. Recently, a blockbuster trade sparked the attention of basketball fans around the world: James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets joined the Los Angeles Clippers, joining Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to form a super trio.

Harden’s choice

From Harden’s perspective, this is a new phase in his career. Harden has been at the top of the league for a long time with his exceptional scoring ability and great leadership skills. However, his time with the Bucks has been characterized by less success on the team side of things, despite countless great individual performances. Even during the “Bucks Big Three” period with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, he failed to lead the team to the desired height.air jordan 1 milan size 7

Therefore, Harden chose to leave the Bucks, and joined the Clippers, which is his search for new challenges. There is no doubt that he will form a new super trio with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard in the Clippers, which will undoubtedly bring him a brand new environment and give him more possibilities.

Congratulations to Harden! 76ers soften up, uniting with Clippers for a super trio

The future of the Clippers

For the Clippers, the addition of Harden is undoubtedly a big deal. Harden’s arrival will further enhance the Clippers’ strength and make them a strong contender to win the West. However, the Clippers also need to be ready to deal with the problem of the Big Three’s integration. If the big three can get along and play to their maximum potential, the Clippers will become one of the most dominant teams in the NBA.

Changes in the pattern of the league

Harden joining the Clippers will have a major impact on the NBA landscape. The rise of the Clippers will bring a new competitive landscape to the Western Conference. In addition, Harden’s joining will further enhance the level of competition in the league and bring more exciting games to the fans.

All in all, Harden joining the Clippers is one of the biggest news in the NBA recently. It not only changes Harden’s fate, but also makes the whole league look forward to the arrival of a new basketball battle.

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