Consumers say that mice feet are found in bread!FoodStuffs has recalled products

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A customer recently complained to herTe Awamutu Pak ‘NSAVEA mouse feet were found in the garlic bread purchased, and then FoodStuffsA group of garlic bread recalls nationwide.

Shannon BellmanTell the English “Pioneer”, when she follows10When the older son took it out, there was hair on the feet.

whenBellmanSon and Son5When the old daughter was eating bread, she found this nausea.

After the woman complained to the staff, the staff apologized to her and refunded or replaced her garlic bread.But she said that it was not enough, because her son might swallow the foot without paying attention.

The mother said that her son’s immune system was weak, and the stomach was uncomfortable after eating this garlic bread.


In a post on the Facebook page of the shop, they said:“”After the customer was contacted, the store team immediately took the batch of garlic bread to the shelves and notified the supplierNymphoWe immediately launched a thorough investigation.

FoodStuffsIt was then announced that they will from allPAK ‘NSAVEAs well asNew worldAs well asFour SquareandGilmours & trentsThe same batch of garlic bread products were recalled on the shelves.

“We are with suppliers, primary industry and New Zealand Food Safety Administration(NZ Food Safety)One, work urgently to clarify what happened.”



Food Safety Bureau response

In this regard, the deputy director of the Food Safety of the Ministry of Primary IndustryVince arbuckleIt is very rare that such things happen.

“This situation is rare, and we will not receive such complaints often. We are taking this seriously. We areFoodStuffs (PAK’NSAVEParent companyCureAnd their suppliers cooperate closely to understand the reason for this.

“This is an unusual complaint. It is very unusual to find this situation in this processing product, but the investigation will find out what happened.”

He said that all food companies have a plan to identify and avoid pollution, and the risk of pests entering food is extremely low.

“There are many ways to happen in these things. It may be suppliers such as flour, or the bakery itself, or it may be a supermarket, or in some cases, these things happen at home. Therefore, we will investigate and find outwhat happened.

“We do know that sometimes these things do appear in the food in people’s homes. Unusual things do happen. This is part of us will always investigate, and we will find out the cause of it.”

ArbuckleIt is said that all food companies need to undergo regular sanitary inspections. According to his experience, this problem store “knows what you are doing.”

“They are a large -scale and credible enterprise, so we will check it carefully, but I am confident that this company knows what they are doing and will follow their food control plan.”


Supermarket repeatedly exposed food safety issues

One month ago, other supermarkets across the country were also attacked for mice.

This year2Month, but the Niding familyCountdownIt was forced to close the door for the time being, because some customers found mice in the cooked food area of the supermarket.This is not the first time the store has spread mice.Earlier, pest control staff were48Captured in the store within the hour13Only mice.

2moon13On the day, a woman in Auckland is in the WestLincoln RDofPak’nsaveThe supermarket took a mouse.she says:“”Rats ran down from the bread cabinet and ran towards the frozen food channel in the middle of the supermarket.

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After that, a customer broke the news that she was on the North ShoreMilford WoolworthsSee a pigeon to eat in nuts and cereals.

There are also photos taken by customers in Grey Lynn Woolworths.The anonymous customer said she had seen pigeons and other birds many timesGrey Lynn WoolworthsPecking on agricultural products (below) and stepped on food.

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