Driven food processing demand, explore the technical solution of extended insurance on the "chain"

Source: Lemon Bean Industry Internet Platform

In early April, the service team of the Lemon Douchain Wan Enterprise Platform embarked on the journey to Shandong Zhongdi Central Kitchen Co., Ltd., which aims to carry out in -depth docking and exchanges with the enterprise.The central kitchen of Zhongdi, this company that has emerged since 2012, focuses on the processing and production of convenient food, exquisite pastry, and the careful sorting and initial processing of agricultural products.The best.

The company’s core business is stable in the food manufacturing industry. With its excellent quality and taste, it has established an indestructible supply bridge with more than 800 chain convenience stores in the province.The service team went deep into the enterprise. After some detailed visits and investigations, it was found that the products such as rice balls, sushi, and meat clips produced by the enterprise were deeply loved by consumers and were in short supply.

However, a problem that cannot be ignored was in front of the central kitchen of Zhongdi: the shelf life is generally short.This bottleneck not only limits the sales potential of the product, but also sets up obstacles to the long -term development of the enterprise in virtual.Enterprise eagerly expects that through the lemon bean chain thousands of enterprise platforms, new technologies or solutions to the cutting -edge technology, in order to follow the safety and reliability and technical necessity requirements stipulated in the Food Safety Law, it will extend the shelf life of the product, and thenNot losing the original delicious taste.