Application 80+ Answers ——— 2022 National Examination Law Enforcement Category Application Answer and Analysis (Fifth Question)

Question 5: After the implementation of the “Anti -Food Waste Law”, the first “Order Correction Notice” issued by the G City Market Supervision Bureau has aroused heated discussions on social discussion.Please write an open letter in the name of the G City Market Supervision Bureau according to Materials 5 to respond to social concerns, lead public opinion correctly, and create a good law enforcement environment.(30 points)

Requirements: (1) The point of view is clear and the content is comprehensive; (2) the logic is clear, the term is appropriate; (3) the number of words 800-1000 words.


【Line of Lin Yu Materials】

Material Five

Duan 1: April 29, 21, the “Anti -Food Waste Law of the People’s Republic of China” (hereinafter referred to as the Anti -Food Waste Wasting Law) passed the 28th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress and promulgated and implemented.On May 11, the G City Market Supervision Bureau issued the “Notice of Order Correction” to a local middle school and interviewed the parties.The reason was that law enforcement officers found that there was an excessive selection of vegetables in the middle school cafeteria- “Vegetable leaves have insect eyes or slightly yellowed, but they can be threw away by garbage.”EssenceIn addition, law enforcement officers also give suggestions: the ingredients that are not good -looking but can still eat can digest internally, or donate to some social organizations to do their best to use it as much as possible without waste.This is considered to be the first ticket issued by the G City Market Supervision Bureau since the implementation of the Anti -Food Waste Law, which has caused heated discussions on social.

Duan 2: Ms. Li, parent of the student: yellowing and other circumstances. In fact, it is not just a problem of “not good -looking” in the product, but the sign of quality changes in food quality.The cafeteria staff thrown away these vegetables, hoping that students can eat fresher vegetables.Only when children eat in such a cafeteria to ensure food safetyOur parents can rest assured.Such a conscience canteen should praise, how can you be punished?

Duan 3: Director of the Logistics Center of the middle school: Under what circumstances can the ingredients be eaten and under what circumstances must be discarded, this scale is not easy to master.There are insect eyes or yellowing leaves for children to eat, and it is said that it is too difficult to leave the child, and it is too difficult to throw it away.This is a fight for food safety and food waste!Sometimes I feel unfortunately watching the food that has not been sold in the cafeteria. It is really a pity, but what can I donate?Where to donate?How to donate?Without a standard donation platform and system, we have no one to start.

Duan 4: A lawyer: It is necessary to judge whether the behavior of throwing away some kind of food ingredients is a waste of scientific and convincing. The relevant law enforcement judgment criteria should not simply judge from the senses of law enforcement as “can still eat” from the senses.It should be further taken out of more conclusive, convincing and more operable supporting operation standards.

Duan 5: A director of the Law Research Association: Anti -food waste is the responsibility of the whole society. In simple terms, cookingrs, sellers and eaters have responsibilities and obligations.Law, this is a major feature of the Anti -Food Waste Law.At present, due to the different levels of economic development across my country, there are differences in diet structure and dietary habits, the law cannot formulate a unified standard, and can only be made in principle.This requires that the localities to formulate a specific method of waste of local anti -food waste according to the specific situation and actual needs. To ensure the quality of legislative, each provision and penalty must have a scientific basis.suggestion.

Duan 6: Professor of law at a university:“Controversial” law enforcement is not terrible. The terrible is that in the process of enforcement of law enforcement, in the process of enforcement, the law enforcement failed to thoroughly understand the spirit of the legal spirit and directly “copy” the provisions or other cases of law enforcement experienceEssenceSome even use laws as a benchmarking gun as a tool for promoting performance.This is not only far away from the original intention of the legal system, but also from public opinion.The laws that do not want to distinguish the analysis are used as a tool to go online, but in Ying Wen to use it, understand life, and understand the people’s hearts.At the same time, for complex and diverse social reality, only in the in -depth specific life cases can the law have life.

Duan 7: Netizen A: The number of foods wasting every year in my country is amazing.There is a survey that the food fell in a university cafeteria accounts for 28.3%of the total number of meals for students.It is not only caused by diligence and frugality from luxury, and waste food not only causes huge economic waste, but also the gas released by the treatment of food waste will produce greenhouse effects, but also seriously destroy the natural environment.Now, since the waste of food waste is available, it should be “zero tolerance”, so that in the whole society, it can effectively stifle the crooked wind of food waste in the whole society and form a frugal wind.

Duan 8: Netizen B: There is a problem with the suggestion logic given by the personnel of the law enforcement department.Can the food safety standards of internal employees and other social organizations be reduced?Reasonable suggestions to promote the accuracy of law enforcement, inappropriate proposals affect the credibility of law enforcement.

Duan 9: The introduction of “Anti -Food Waste Law” is based on the contradiction between supply and demand of food in my country.It is intended to solve the problem of serious food waste in life.In addition, food production cannot be counted as economic accounts, but also the price of illegal.In addition, the school is where educated people should be the first to be educated. It should be preceded, saving, and eliminating waste. The behavior of cafeteria is not conducive to the formation of diligence and frugality.


【Analysis of Lin Yu Materials】

This is a document writing similar to large compositions.The reason for this is as follows: First, this is an open letter, a document writing of Zhenger Eight Classics.The second is that the number of words here is large, reaching 800-1000, which is obviously different from the requirements for writing questions in ordinary official documents.Third, this open letter has a clear theme, responding to social concerns, leading public opinion, and creating a good law enforcement environment.This theme is actually equivalent to the theme requirements of the big composition, and set the direction for this topic.Fourth, the content given by the materials is all controversial issues, without measures and countermeasures.The materials only throw the problem, and the candidates are required to respond through an open letter. In fact, they are mainly responding to these problems, that is, to solve these problems.

Public letters refer to letters that publish the content in the public, and their objects are generally broad.From the perspective of the writer, I hope to read and understand more people.The content of the letter generally involves relatively major issues, and has general guidance, educational effects, and publicity.And this open letter is specific functionality:

The first function is to respond to social concerns: what society cares about, cares about whether this law enforcement is reasonable, legal, and necessary. This is the primary response question.When many candidates answered this question, they hesitated themselves, and believed that law enforcement problems and suggestions on proposed were unreasonable.The title requires that “the view is clear” is to require you to directly clear the point of view. Whether you support this law enforcement or oppose this law enforcement, you must not hesitate.This is a logic with the “clear view” in the big composition.

The second function is to correctly lead public opinion: Public opinion is currently questioning this law enforcement, we must tell the truth from all walks of life, why the purpose of this law enforcement and law enforcement is to be the purpose.By explaining doubts from all walks of life, all circles can understand the background and significance of this law enforcement.In fact, in the composition of the big composition, the main component of our analysis paragraph.

The third function is to create a good law enforcement environment.How to create a law enforcement environment?It is necessary to rely on laws and regulations and law enforcement agencies; it must be both law enforcement personnel and the care of the masses; it must be based on procedure specifications and clear basis.And all this is not a hot topic in society?In the final analysis, so many people in the materials are how to improve and optimize law enforcement in the final analysis, so that law enforcement makes all sectors of society more convinced.How to improve is the main part of the public letter.

Therefore, in summary analysis, it actually confirms that this is a document writing question similar to a large composition.

Let’s take a look at the materials first:

Duan 1: First of all, the anti -food waste law has been promulgated and implemented, which is the legal basis.According to this law, the market supervision of the G city avoided law enforcement, issued a “Notice of Order Correction”, and gave reasons and improved suggestions.As a result, it has caused heated discussions.

Duan 2: Ms. Li, the parent of the student, opposed food waste law enforcement and questioned the law enforcement behavior of the market bureau.

Duan 3-4: Director of the Logistics Center and a lawyer unanimously complained that law enforcement lacks specific operating standards for convincing, and cannot judge what food safety and food waste.In addition, the director of the Logistics Center proposes that law enforcement officers’ proposals lack the operating system and have no standard donation platforms and systems.

Duan 5: An expert proposes that anti -food waste law enforcement must form a specific implementation method in combination with the actual situation of each region, and to absorb opinions from all walks of life.It is consistent with the requirements of Duan 3 and Section 4.

Duan 6: Professor of a university proposed that the controversial law enforcement was caused by the law enforcement person who did not understand the spirit of the law and lacks the experience of law enforcement.

Duan 7: Netizen A supports strict law enforcement. It is necessary to kill food waste and form a strong and frugal style.

Duan 8: Netizens B questioned the suggestions made by law enforcement officers, and law enforcement should treat everyone fairly and fairly.

Duan 9: Netizens C support strict law enforcement.

By sorting out the above materials, you can get the following judgments:

Duan 1 is to explain the background of law enforcement; Duan 7 9 supports strict law enforcement and pointed out the significance of anti -food waste laws;

By combing the materials and combined with the three functions mentioned above, we can get the basic logic of this open letter:

First of all, it is necessary to explain where this law enforcement basis is and whether it is enforced in accordance with the law. Secondly, the purpose and significance of law enforcement must be explained, and then they will accept criticism from all walks of life and acknowledge what are the shortcomings of this law enforcement. Finally, it will be improved in the future.

The basis of law enforcement -the State promulgated and implemented the “Anti -Food Waste Law”. As a law enforcement agency, the Market Supervision Bureau must enforce enforcement according to law (mainly based on section 1).

The purpose and significance of anti -food waste -killing the crooked wind of food waste, forming a frugal style.(Main basis 7, paragraph 9)

The lack of law enforcement — law enforcement officers failed to stabilize food safety and waste of food, and lack of anti -food waste law enforcement experience; the legal rules have not yet been improved, and law enforcement officers lack operating operating standards.Condition.(Section 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 segments and 6 sections)

How to improve future law enforcement work -based on the lack of existence, make suggestions and suggestions.

According to the above logic, we combined with several elements of the open letter “title, title, text, settlement unit, and time of money”, and the following answers were formed:


【Lin Yu Copyright Answer】

To the open letter of the friends of the Guangda citizen


Citizen friends:

Recently, our bureau enforced laws on excessive selection of ingredients in a middle school cafeteria in accordance with the “Anti -Food Waste Law”, which has aroused widespread attention from citizens.In this regard, our bureau thanked the general public’s concern for the concern of law enforcement work, and also took this opportunity to introduce this law enforcement related situation.

At present, the number of foods that my country isted each year is amazing, which not only causes huge economic waste, but also severely damage the natural environment.In order to prevent food waste and advocate everyone to save food, the state has introduced the Anti -Food Waste Law.The promulgation of the law can effectively stifle the crooked wind and evil spirits of food waste, form a frugal style, but also provide a legal basis for strengthening the waste enforcement of food waste of food for market supervision departments.In this context, law enforcement officers of our bureau issued the “Notice of Order Correction” to a middle school cafeteria, which can not only maintain legal authority, but also form a demonstration effect for establishing a consciousness of diligence and thrift.

However, because this is the first law enforcement after the law, there are still some insufficient problems, which has caused widespread controversy in all sectors of society.For example, law enforcement officers failed to stabilize food safety and waste of food, and lack the experience of anti -food waste law enforcement; the legal rules have not been improved, and law enforcement officers lack operating operating standards; the suggestions made by law enforcement officers have not considered the actual situation.To this end, our bureau will continuously summarize law enforcement experience and improve law enforcement in accordance with the “Anti -Food Waste Law”.

One isExtensive comments.Combined with the current status of economic development, diet structure and dietary habits in our city, strengthen work survey, and extensively solicit opinions and suggestions for the general public, experts, etc. to ensure that anti -food waste forms consensus.two isFormulate operation standards.Based on the opinions and suggestions of all sectors of society, we will introduce localized anti -food waste specific methods as soon as possible, and refine the quality, waste standards, and waste behaviors of ingredients to form a convincing and operable law enforcement enforcement standards.Three isStandardize law enforcement behaviors.Strengthen the training of law enforcement business, improve the business level of law enforcement personnel, standardize law enforcement procedures, increase the necessary links such as sampling and instrument detection, and ensure that law enforcement penalties are well followed and regulated.Four isStrengthen publicity and guidance.Regularly carry out the activities of “entering agencies, enterprises, entering the campus, entering the community, and entering the construction site” on a regular basis, timely expose typical cases of food waste, publicize the model units of food conservation, and promote anti -grain waste in the whole society.Five isSmooth supervision channels.Establish a report hotline to encourage friends of the general public to supervise the waste of food and unreasonable law enforcement, and jointly promote the waste of anti -food.Six isStrengthen public services.The relevant departments will be established to establish food donations, food preservation, and food disposal agencies to guide all sectors of society to actively participate.

Here, we express my heartfelt thanks to the citizens who care about and support the waste of anti -food waste. I hope that everyone can continue to care and participate in anti -food waste.Good social and environmental work together!

                                                                                     G City Market Supervision Administration

                                                                                       December 14, 2021



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