Flower Summer Sister Bao Sister Weekend Fashion Match is preferred (2)

Uena has attracted a lot of attention with its slightly sweet retro design, especially suitable for dating or traveling.With square shoes or sneakers, it retains sweetness and nature.

Madon Clothing has become an evergreen tree in the hearts of many people with its seemingly simple design.Its excellent quality and the price of the people are especially loved by the student group.The brand is not limited to women’s clothing, men’s and shoes are also worth exploring.

When it comes to accessories, Marni’s bags are based on their color and material changes, adding highlights to daily wear. Whether it is the basic model or a slightly childlike design, people can make people shine.

In the end, LOEWE’s creative design is impressive. Although some people think that its style has mutated, I think this bold attempt gives the brand a new vitality.From pixel wind to cultural tribute series, LooeWe shows unlimited creativity and depth.

At this point, I can’t help but want to ask, which brands in your fashion treasure house occupy an indispensable position?Welcome to exchange your favorite in the comment area.Whether it is Jin Zhiyuan’s inspiration, the fresh attempts in the summer, or the selection guide of dress, let us immerse themselves in the infinite fun of fashion.Flower summer bag.