Hengyang Education Bureau goes to the city 20th Middle School to carry out special supervision of the start of school

  Huasheng Online March 25 (Correspondent Tan Xiaoning
Zou Zhongcheng) In order to implement the notice of the Hengyang Education Bureau on the supervision of the opening of the spring school, the Hengyang Education Bureau was responsible for supervising Li to go to Hengyang No. 20 Middle School (Pianshan English School) to carry out the special supervision of the opening of the spring of 2024Essence

  Li Tuanlian checked the school’s enrollment charges and student dormitory, and carefully inspected the campus fire equipment.

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  Subsequently, Li Tuancai carefully checked the relevant work information of the school, and enrolled the charges, “Li Jian protects the bud
In -depth discussions with school management personnel, teacher representatives and student representatives such as “implementation of” implementation of Thunder “and” double reduction “.

  During the feedback at the scene, Li Tuanjie gave a high evaluation of the school’s clean school construction, safety management, accommodation management, campus culture construction, prevention of campus bullying, and anti -sexual assault education.He pointed out that the school’s sub -school department carried out fire emergency drills and deployed in place, and the effect was quite good.”Li Jianhu Linglei
The Thunder Action “series of activities is complete and effective. At the same time, he also started from the details and put forward rectification requirements for the lack of the school’s above work.

  The Party Secretary of the Party Branch Ou Liping and President Zeng Yunsheng said that the 20th Middle School of Hengyang City will take the opportunity to start the opening of the school, build a campus safety defense line, continuously improve the quality of education and teaching, and strive to make students safe, parents’ peace of mind, and social stability.educate.