Taiyuan Yangqu: Comprehensively promoting the improvement of human settlement environment to promote the "face" of Beibai Village "Yan" Shanxi News

  China News Network Shanxi News, March 22. Recently, Beibai Village, Gaocun Township, Yangqu County, deeply practiced the “10 million projects”, strived to improve the quality of living environment, and by playing “Party Construction Leaders+Habitat Environmental Rectification+”Continuously light up and beautify the village environment, actively explore the long -term management mechanism of the human living environment, strengthen the consciousness and initiative of villagers to participate in environmental governance, and take multiple measures to promote the overall appearance and upgrade of the village.

  Beibai Village held a special conference on the improvement of the human settlement environment, calling on everyone to participate, the households to compete, and thoroughly clean up the “three packages in front of the door” and courtyard health, and issued a “declaration of war” in the remediation of the living environment of the village.

  According to the procedures for farmers’ application, group inspection, and review of the two committees, Beibai Village conducted four -step inspection of the “three packages in front of the door”, the courtyard environment, the clean toilet, and indoor sanitation.”Household”, the party member wants to hang up with the glorious card of “I am a party member and I take the lead”.Under the call of a honor, the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in environmental improvement is unprecedentedly rising, forming a good atmosphere for the people to participate in environmental improvement and households for “civilized happiness households”.As of now, more than 300 households in the village have been listed, and the remaining farmers are struggling.

  In order to change the disadvantages of the “clean and after the old” human settlement environment, Beibai Village decided that everyone was a supervisor, and timely dealt with the problems discovered by the supervision and linked to the “civilized happiness household”.At the same time, the evaluation work such as “the most beautiful courtyard” and “the most beautiful streets” is carried out every quarter, guiding the villagers to actively participate in environmental improvement, and continuously cultivate villagers’ ideological consciousness.