The 36th Patriotic Health Month of Healthy Town and Health Weight Lights and Healthy Monthly Pay attention to these issues

The reporter learned from the National Love Health Office on March 18 that April 2024 was the 36th Patriotic Health Month. This year’s theme is healthy town and healthy weight.

The National Aiwei Office requires all localities to build tasks, innovate work measures, and innovate work measures around the five major fields, including health environment, health society, health services, health culture and health groups.Promote a new model of health town construction, comprehensively improve the health level of the masses, improve the effectiveness of healthy urban construction, and create a healthy and livable environment.

All localities should carry out health science popularization activities with “health weight”, advocate a healthy lifestyle, shape the “body” to shape the “heart” first, and the concept of the first responsible person in its own health.Carry out popular science for different people.It is necessary to combine children, adolescents, professional people, and elderly people such as small fat pier, dietary obesity, metabolic obesity, etc., and develop targeted science materials to develop in terms of reasonable diet, nutrition matching, scientific movement, psychological adjustment and other aspects.Precision science, promoting awareness of health, and effectively managing its own body weight.