The catering industry leads the national consumption list, Huahan Fuman Street can be a new commercial hotspot in Chaoyang District in Chaoyang District

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics:2023In the year, the total retail sales of consumer goods471495100 million yuan, an increase over the previous year7.2%EssenceAmong them, catering income reached52890100 million yuan, a year -on -year increase20.4%, Fireworks prys the new vitality of consumption.Chen Xinhua, president of the China Hotel Association, said, “2023In the total retail sales of consumer goods in the year, the growth rate led other types.”

The increase in the revenue of the catering industry, on the one hand, reflects that the entire industry has begun to show a recovery state after a series of twists and turns after consumption downturn, stores decreased, and brand shuffling.Big turnover.

Community catering is developing in the direction of brandization and chain

After the epidemic changes the dining pattern, many catering merchants have escaped from the mall, and the consumption popularity has begun to offset the community. The community catering has gradually developed. The community has become an important business district.Community catering layout.

Ziguang Garden shouted the slogan “Decisive Future Community Catering for Ten Years”, and said that community catering will always have demand, and the demand will increase in the future.Community catering is developing in the direction of brandization and chain.

The location of the catering is no longer limited to big cities and shopping malls, but is more willing to be more willing to lay the community layout in the intensive and closer consumers in the consumer population. The era of catering is coming.The first choice for brand catering operations or investment.

Huahan Fuman Street, start the community catering gold suction mode

Huahan Fuman Street, the fourth embassy area across the river.Create an 80,000 square meters of open -themed catering theme street, and embrace more than 8,000 owners, seamlessly connect with its own huge consumer group to monopolize consumer dividends; the surrounding high -end communities stand up to 200,000+resident residents to satisfy the owners’ daily lifeThe demand for rigid catering consumption, leverage the hot community wealth.

In the future, with the investment and use of the fourth embassy area, there will be a large number of foreign companies, institutions, organizations, etc., and countless elites such as diplomacy, politics and business, culture, and other countries will undertake foreign -related elites on high -end consumer needs to create larger business opportunities.

Key Dining Wangpu
Use it immediately and use it

Huahan Fuman Street has the dual product line of “bottom merchants+single -family”.Among them, one of the important products, the uniform, is a scarce dining shop in the region, and the shop is on the street.Some commercial shop surfaces are 13 meters wide and have a very good scale and are super strong. At the same time, it improves the effects of shop advertising display and business display effects, which greatly improves the overall image of the brand.

The project can be freely combined according to the actual use function to meet the business needs of foreign -related elite hotels, Internet celebrity catering, pet beauty, outdoor sports, and first store brands, and create diversified wealth opportunities for buyers and operators.

The overall planning of Huahan Fuman Street is in line with international consumption scenarios, covering multi -level consumption demand. At the same time, more mainstream business brands have been introduced. At presentThe brand is under negotiation.(FH)

Huahan Fuman Street

Building a face about 30-270m & sub2;
Building a face about 300-3400M & SUP2;

The whole city is hot sales