The latest achievements of the University of Amsterdam: Regardless of length, as long as you exercise, you can delay aging:

Over time, we cannot avoid slowly growing, the most obvious indications -muscles are gradually aging.Etyson aging will reduce the quality of our lives and may cause various elderly diseases.Therefore, the mechanism of studying human muscle aging, especially bioepense related to muscle aging, has become an important area for medical research.

Recently, Georges E Janssens, Marte Molenaars et al., “Nature · Aging” (Nature aging) The journal published online entitled “Conservative and complex lipid characteristics marks human muscle aging and respond to short -term exercise (A Conserved Complex Lipid Signature Marks Human Muscle Aging and Responds to Short-Term Exercise) “Research results. Scientists found that in our body, there is one called“Conservative complex lipid marks”It seems to be the “culprit” of muscle aging.What’s more interesting is that these lipid marks are sensitive to the exercise reactions in our bodyFor short -term exercise, they can reduce them.It seems that we finally found the “culprit” of muscle aging, but at the same time we also found the weapon against it -exercise.

This study first uses a mass spectrometer analysis method to determine this “conservative composite lipid mark”, that is, the biomarkers between different individuals continuously exist in different individuals, which can mark the human muscle aging.Such names are because these lipids are highly conservative between different individuals, that is, they show similar patterns and characteristics, which shows their potential for biomarkers.

Through analysis, researchers discovered theseLipids are mainly derived from mitochondria lipids.Mitochondrial is the part of the energy production in the cell. It is related to the health and functions of the cells, and it is directly associated with the metabolism and functions of the muscles.In addition, they also found out,With the increase of age, the reserves of these lipids in human muscles will increase significantly, and this discovery has established these lipids with the process of muscle aging.

Then, an unexpected discovery is,Short -term exercise can significantly reduce the number of these lipids.This means that although these lipid marks are related to muscle aging, they are also affected by our lifestyle.In essence, short -term exercise is a simple and practical method of intervention. It can offset the accumulation of these lipids to a certain extent, which provides a practical way to maintain muscle health and resist its aging.In order to determine whether this effect is applicable to everyone, researchers conducted a 12 -week sports intervention experiment on a group of healthy middle -aged people.experiment result shows,Whether men or women, exercise can significantly reduce the content of these lipids in their bodies.

Clinical Value

First of all, the conservative composite lipid marks revealed can not onlyAs an effective biological mark, early and accurate prediction and evaluation of the aging of human muscles,It can also provide accurate information for clinicians to understand the patient’s muscle state, thereby guiding the treatment of decision -making.For example, by monitoring the level of these lipid marks in the blood, doctors can quickly and accurately evaluate whether a person’s muscles are aging, and may even predict that the muscle may occur in the future, so as to intervene in time.

Secondly, research also found that short -term exercise can significantly reduce the level of these lipid marks.This prompts us,Early intervention measures, such as reasonable sports and sports, can effectively resist or delay muscle aging.This is not only particularly beneficial to the elderly, helping improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of chronic diseases; for young people or middle -aged people, it is also a advanced planning, preventing difficult measures to prevent the risk of muscle aging in the future.

also,The results of the study may also provide novel directions for drug research.By studying how conservative composite lipid marks play a role in human muscle aging, and how they react and adapt to short -term exercise may help scientists find new therapies and even develop new anti -muscle aging drugs.

In short, the study of this article found a new and effective means for clinicians, which can better understand and monitor the process of muscle aging, but also provide a simple but effective method of intervention -exercise.This is of great value and far -reaching significance for the health management of the majority of people, especially against human aging that is generally facing humanity.

Business prospect

First of all, these conservative compound lipid marks have been found as a practical and accurate aging testing tool.By measuring the level of these specific fats, you canProvide the public with a fast, convenient and accurate muscle aging testing service,It is undoubtedly a potential commercialization.This is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity for related medical testing institutions and health management companies.

Secondly, the results of the study also provide important inspiration about the development of new anti -aging drugs.This composite lipid mark may be used as a new drug target to provide direction for drug design and development.Especially in the field of anti -aging drugs.At the same time, from a broader perspective, this also provides a possible commercialization research and development strategy for biotechnology companies.

Finally, the study also found that short -term exercise can significantly reduce the level of these lipid marks.This is the sports and fitness industry, especially for specializing inCompanies with customized motion solutions with customized sports solutions have provided new ideas.By combining the horizontal measurement of this lipid mark, it can more scientific and effectively formulate exercise plans to provide personalized exercise prescriptions, thereby improving the effect of exercise, increasing customer viscosity, and increasing service value.