Zero -distance "Play" Science and Technology Institute of Science and Chemistry held 2024 Public Science Day

China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily · China reporter Wang Xunhui reporter Qiu Chenhui) Plaza is transformed into a “physiological Hi Theater”, the road transformed into “magic street”, the lobby furnish “hard core achievement exhibition” … May in MayOn the 18th, the Public Science Day event of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was held as scheduled.On the same day, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry became a “Scientific Park Club”, and a scientific and interesting collision was staged here.
From the unveiled at the hardcore technology exhibit to the scientist and the public zero distance, from the scientific experimental show to the science science musical drama, the activity highlights the diverse color of science and creates a strong atmosphere of “Science Day”.More than 5,000 public entered the physical and chemical office, and felt the charm of science with cutting -edge high -tech achievements and scientific researchers.The theme of the Public Science Day event of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry is “Walking with ‘Law”, “the future” in the future. “
As a multi -disciplinary intersection research institute, the biggest feature of the public science day activities of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry is many scientific experiments, covering multiple disciplines such as optical chemistry, bionic materials, low temperature technology, and laser technology.This year, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry has designed more than 30 interactive scientific experiments.
On the “Healthy Hi Theater”, children actively participated in interaction.Photo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
In the “Heye Chemical Hi Theater” on the square, researcher Hu Zhongjun performed the scientific experiment show “The Wind and the Clouds”, including “Song Flame”, “Air Balloon Circle”, “Fengming Change Pot”, “Gaojia Cup Dance”, “Walking Mall”, “Walking Mall” “A series of scientific experimental exhibitions such as magnetic suspension “.Researcher Cong Huan of the Super Molecular Optical Chemistry Research Center brings a scientific experiment show “Molecular Player”.He used vivid and interesting chemistry experiments to interpret “everything to explore micro -chemistry”.Researcher Dong Zhichao’s scientific open class of Bionic Intelligence Interface Science Center, “Go to Nature Treasure Searching”, take the audience into nature, understand nature, and learn nature, showing the charm of bionic intelligent interface materials …
The lively “Magic Street”.Photo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
On the “Magic Street” on the east side of the lawn, the “magic of bionic magic colleges, sand tower worms, liquid metal black technology, liquid metal black technology, universal king’s confrontation, and hostel material, including dozens of scientific experiments”A Street” has become a hot “Science Park”.
Public visit to cutting -edge scientific and technological achievements exhibition.Photo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
On the same day, the audience ranked long in front of the booth and was unwilling to miss the opportunity to experience the charm of high -end technology.Yuan Qingzhi, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, said that he hopes that the public science day activities can plant the seeds that love science in the minds of children. I wish everyone to play science science and science happily in the Institute of Physics and Chemistry.
Source: China Youth Daily Client