The Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the 20th Public Science Day event to open scientific research places to organize "hard core" popular science

Original title: The Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the “hard core” popular science in the opening of the 20th Public Science Day activities

On May 18th, the 20th Public Science Day of the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially launched. The theme of this event was “Twenty of the Twenty Lives Science New Journey”.

Since 2005, in May each year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a scientific research institute and university, which will “open the door to welcome guests”, open national scientific research venues, organize “hard core” popular science activities, and first -line science and technology workers represented by academiciansFacing the public, inspire the public’s curiosity and exploration of science, especially the teenager group.

This year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences carefully created the 20th anniversary of the Public Science Day.Entering the Academic Hall of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I experienced the request of science in the dialogue between Academician Chen Runsheng and teenagers; seeing familiar and strange planets from the report of Academician Zhai Mingguo; listening to the future of scientists and AI virtual human intelligence.From the academic hall to the innovation cultural square, with the image of the train as the carrier, it demonstrates the important scientific and technological innovation achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the 75 years and the classic time of the 20 years of public science day.”, Can see the development of scientific innovation and science popularization along the way.The public can also enter the surrounding chemical research institutes, acoustic research institutes, national nano -science centers, process engineering research institutes, and literature and intelligence centers to experience beautiful chemistry, explore sound mystery, travel the world of “carbon”, watch ChinaScience and Technology Achievement Exhibition of the Academy of Sciences.

In addition, this year’s public science day also shows high -interactive and experiential online popular science activities.Scientists and well -known online anchors have launched online live broadcasts of “Traveling in the Chinese Academy of Sciences” to encourage netizens to participate in the discussion.The official science popularization WeChat public account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Science College” has published an activity introduction and visiting strategy in a systematic system to broaden the channels for the public scientific day in all aspects.(Wu Yuehui)