China -Singapore Health 丨 National Health and Health Commission: Active progress and obvious results in my country’s occupational disease prevention and control

China News Service, April 25th. On the afternoon of April 25th, the National Committee of Health and Health held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of the Propaganda Week of the Professional Disease Prevention Law.Wang Jiandong, deputy director of the Professional Health Department of the National Health and Health Commission and the first -level inspector, stated at the meeting that the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases in my country has made positive progress and achieved significant results.
From April 25th to May 1st is the 22nd National Career Prevention Law. The theme of this year is to adhere to prevention and protect occupational health.Wang Jiandong, deputy director of the Vocational and Health Department of the National Health and Health Commission and the first -level inspector, introduced that the interim evaluation results of the “14th Five -Year Plan” National Occupational Disease Control Plan show that since the implementation of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan”There are three aspects that have achieved positive progress and obvious results: there are three aspects:
The first is to adhere to prevention, and the efforts of the source prevention are increasing.Focusing on dust, chemical poisons, noise, and serious occupational diseases, focusing on industries such as mines, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, and conducting in -depth special treatment of occupational disease hazards.As of the end of 2023, 185,000 special governance enterprises were included in the country, and 75,000 governance enterprises have been completed.Carry out the monitoring of occupational diseases and hazardous factors, and achieve full coverage of industries and districts in major occupational diseases, county districts, and monitoring diseases.Strengthen monitoring and supervision and law enforcement, hazard governance, and health enterprise construction linkage, accumulate more than 920,000 employers, build a healthy enterprise of 19,000, and choose 69,000 professional health in the tree.
The second is to continuously improve the level of occupational health examination and occupational disease diagnosis and treatment.There are 620 occupational disease diagnostic institutions, 5670 occupational health inspection institutions, and 829 pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations (points). Basically, the occupational disease diagnosis and rehabilitation system of “prefecture -city diagnosis, county medical examination, and township rehabilitation” is basically formed.From 2021 to 2023, he provided occupational health examinations for 53 million workers, providing workers with about 90,000 occupational disease diagnostic services, and providing more than 1.2 million free rehabilitation services for 200,000 patients with pneumoconiosis.
The third is to strengthen the construction of the technical support system and promote technological innovation.There are 259 vocational health and radiation health technical service institutions in the country, and there are 74,000 professional and technical personnel in the prevention and control of occupational diseases.The National Health and Health Commission and 28 provinces have set up engineering protection technology support institutions; the “National Mining Safety Technology Innovation Center” has been built, “National Pneumonia Diseases Center” and key laboratories at the provincial and ministerial levels of pneumoconiosis;64 advanced dust -proof and anti -virus advanced suitable technologies, transformed and applied a number of scientific and technological achievements, and improved and improved the collaborative linkage mechanism with provincial engineering protection institutions.