Guyi Church: Health Management Full Ecological Chain, create a new benchmark for Chinese Medicine Internet Hospital

Recently, the “Research Research Research on the Construction of Chinese Medicine”, the major project of the Hunan Social Science Fund Think Tank, has achieved fruitful results. At the same timeOfficially released.In this work, Gu Yitang, as a representative of the Chinese Medicine Internet Hospital, was honored to be selected into the column introduction, becoming the only private Chinese medicine company in this field.

The book focuses on key issues such as “what is a strong province of traditional Chinese medicine”, “Why build a strong province of Chinese medicine”, “How to build a strong province of Chinese medicine” and other key issues.The iconic results have made important contributions to the construction of the strong provinces of Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Among them, the fourth chapter of “The Construction of Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Strong Province” is “Outstanding Foundation, Strengthening the Construction of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Service System”.Guyutang, a representative company of TCM Internet Hospital, to build a health management full ecological chain.Column introduction: Gu Yitang (Hunan) Health Technology Co., Ltd. inherit and innovate Chinese medicine culture, take the lead in exploring the development of “Internet+Chinese medicine health services and management”, and focus on creating comprehensive guarantees and services before, medium, and late in health management for customers.Customers create an integrated “health ecosystem”, and actively promote the business to the upstream and downstream of the industry, and explore to create a health management full ecological chain.The creation of health management full ecological chains will help to achieve health management of the whole life cycle, and fully demonstrate the advantages of upgrading the Chinese medicine service upgrade brought by Internet medical treatment.

As a high -tech enterprise focusing on traditional Chinese medicine health services and management, Guyi Church is based on online intelligent platforms and offline entities; creating Chinese medicine Internet hospitals online, smart Chinese medicine museums with remote diagnosis and treatment capabilities, and experts with expertsSmart Chinese Medicine Hospitals with library resources and high -level service capabilities, and obtained two Internet hospital licenses in 2019 and 2021.As the introduction of the “Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Strong Provincial Construction” column, the representative of the Taniyang Hospital was undoubtedly the development model of the traditional Chinese medicine Internet hospital and the comprehensive strength of Gu Yantang’s comprehensive strength of Gu Yitang.