Experience the opening of the Ecological Tourism Season of the Seven Chunqus of the Garden of the Garden

Red Star News Network March 24th News Romantic Fireworks Falls is blooming in Huadian, Huatian UTV off -road, flower field trains, and friends who can sit with friends and relatives to enjoy the happy flower field hot pot & hellip; & hellip; on the morning of March 23, the 3rd Tianfu Nongqu Park Ecological TourismJi Ji was grandly opened in Tianfu Nongqu Park, Pingle Gu Town, Chengdu.It is reported that in addition to the Lota train, flower field parent -child amusement space, and cultural and creative food market, the site also has special activities and music performances that are uninterrupted during the day+uninterrupted at night. Many wonderful activities will continue until the Qingming holiday.


▲ Entrance of the 3rd Tianfu Nongqu Park Ecological Tourism Season.Photo by Wang Jie

Thousands of acres of rapeseed sea tour to eat hot pot to experience the seven spring fun of Nongqu Park

This event is guided by rural consumer scene innovation and idyllic ecological tourism experience. At the event site on March 23, tourists from all over the country have surged, and the projects such as Huatian Train and Huatian UTV have long been lined up.Various cultural and creative jewelry and tide -playing boutiques in Tianfu Yaji areas have attracted the favor of a young tourist.


▲ The happy moment of the relatives and friends group in the sea of flowers.Photo by Wang Jie

At about 11 am on the same day, Huadian Hot Pot on the Central Platform of Huahai was full of tourists.Ms. Wang from Mianyang said that she was obtained from the news. In addition, she brought her 6 -year -old daughter and grandparents. She also invited a friend to drive here.The child has played the amusement items such as Huatian Little Train and Rotating Trojans. It is particularly happy. The consumption is not expensive. The main reason is that the elderly are very happy. The children do not want to go. “

Ms. Wang said that their family was ready to play in Huahai during the day. After watching the performance at night, she returned to the ancient town district, stayed at the Pingsha Luoyan Resort Hotel, enjoyed the night view of the ancient town.Hiking, walking the net red suspension bridge, glass plank channel, absorbing oxygen, and changing your mood.It is understood that there were many tourists who came here like Ms. Wang who came here on the same day.

Tianfu Nongqu Park is located in the famous historical and cultural town of China & mdash; & mdash; Pingle Ancient Town, adjacent to the Western Bamboo Sea Scenic Area of the Red Scenic Spot of Chengdu.In recent years, Pingle Ancient Town has relying on “Wenjun Culture” and bamboo cultural tourism resources. It has created boutique scenic spots such as Pingsha Luoyan Resort, Western Chuanzhuhai, Puzhou Garden and Xu Shanglin Pan along along the Bai Mo River.+Scenic Area Development Location.


▲ All kinds of cultural and creative jewelry and tide -playing boutiques of Tianfu Yaji are full.Photo by Wang Jie

Good shooting, fun, good -looking one -stop gathering, experience the flower field trains through 1,000 acres of rapeseed rapeseed, enjoy the good spring light, taste the flower field hot pot in the field, and experience the lazy spring afternoon afternoon in Chengdu, next to the afternoon of the people of Chengdu, next to the afternoon, next to the afternoon, next to the afternoon, next to the afternoon, next to the afternoon of the people.It is the Bamboo Sea Scenic Area of Western Sichuan. The 100,000 acres of bamboo sea and thousands of acres of rapeseed fields complement each other.

Explore the new model of the “Cultural Tourism Industry Community” for the “color of color” for rural revitalization

It is reported that Tianfu Nongqu Park was jointly operated by Chengdu Cultural Tourism Group Holding subsidiary, Lizhou Company and the Jinhe Community of Pingle Gu Town, and actively constructed the “Scenic Village” in the scenic area and the countrysideThe development model of “group advancement” has formed a good development pattern of co -integration, sharing and sharing of the scenic spots and the surrounding people.Continuously explore the new model of “cultivated land protection+tourism development”, take the opportunity to build the pastoral ecological tourism economic belt, and develop cultural and tourism integration as the core, actively shape new scenes of rural ecological tourism, help rural revitalization of tourism development, innovate and promote diversified formats to integrate fission fission fissionPromote the deep integration of tourism and folk customs, agricultural and sideline products, etc., lead the new consumption of Pingle Cultural Tourism, realize new development, and help village collective economic organizations to grow and increase villagers’ income, while planning to build a future cultural tourism industry community.

“In the future, we will also use Tianfu Nongqu Park as the relying on creating a comprehensive practice base for rural rejuvenation research, linking the internal resources of the group, to create tourism products around the needs of different ages, and enrich the experience of tourist experience. At the same time, focus on existing resourcesGrasp the “Spring Economy”, take over the “Summer Economy”, promote the integration of the diversified consumption scenes of the countryside, and focus on new new gameplay, new scenes, and new experiences around rural tourism.Activate rural tourism heat. “

The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Cultural Tourism Puzhou Company said that it will continue to integrate into the development of the whole region, and the government -enterprise association has explored a development model of “cultural tourism industry community”.Government -enterprise continued to create a new highlight of the format, activating the sleeping rural cultural resources, and the wasteland became a “rich field” that increased the income, helping the local area of the town’s regional scenic spots.