Provide family education to provide family education to guide Hunan’s key livelihood practical project "Xiangyanghua" operation to start

Red Net Moment News April 19th News(Reporter Wang Shiying) The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Women’s Federation that according to the deployment arrangement of the “Xiangyang Flower” operation of Hunan Provincial Family Education Guidance Service in 2024, the “Xiangyang Flower” operation of the key people’s livelihood in Hunan Province was launched within the province.
With the consent of the Provincial Government, the “Xiangyang Flower” operation of family education guidance services was included in the key livelihood project of Hunan Province in 2024. This is also the first time that family education guidance services have been included in the province’s livelihood project.The Provincial Women’s Federation, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly formulated the “Implementation Plan for the” Xiangyang Flower “Action of Family Education Guidance Service in 2024”.The guardian will carry out 10,000 family education guidance services and practice activities in the province, and 3 million parents of online and offline family education guidance services.
After the “Xiangyang Flower” operation is launched, it will organize an online video course for online learning platforms created by the Hunan Provincial Online Parent School (home -school co -educational network) or the online learning platform created by the local education department.Family education guidance services are 400,000 parents, and the municipal and county women’s federations provide offline family education concentrated guidance services and face -to -face consulting and guidance services.
At the same time, the education department will also jointly build the Hunan Provincial Family Education Guidance Center, develop and select family education guidance courses, and conduct family education and training of teachers and education managers; the civil affairs department will be responsible for the newlyweds and divorce couples to conduct the “family of the People’s Republic of China of the People’s Republic of China.”Education Promotion Law” and “Hunan Provincial Family Education Promotion Regulations” publicize, incorporate family education guidance into the training content of children’s supervisors and children’s directors, and enhance the ability of grass -roots children’s workers to carry out family education guidance services and practical activities;Work needs and financial affordability to arrange necessary funds, strengthen funding supervision and management, and organize evaluation of the performance of funds.According to the “Family Education Promotion Law”, other departments do a good job of family education within their respective duties.