"The development of higher education is tilting towards the east", and the level of scientific research in Chinese universities continues to improve

Source: Reference Message Network
Reference News Network reported on May 9thAccording to the UAE’s “National Daily” website reported on May 5, Chinese universities rejected the Western blueprint and drove the American Teng School.
Analysts said that Chinese universities now pay more attention to quality rather than quantity, which allows them to quickly catch up with famous universities in the Ichigo League.
Although universities in the United Kingdom and the United States are still leading, Chinese University of Tsinghua University and Peking University have ranked among the top high education institutions in Asia and the world.
In the Thames Journal of Higher Education World University in September last year, these two universities in China ranked more than Columbia University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania.
Among the Thames, the Times, the ranking of Higher Education Asian University, Tsinghua University topped the list for the sixth consecutive year, and Peking University ranked second in the fifth consecutive year.
The Chief Global Affairs Officer of the British “Times Higher Education” magazine Phil Betty said: “We have witnessed the rising global ranking of Chinese universities in the past 20 years, which is impressive. But now we see more clearly.”It has become the trend of Asia.”
He said: “Although China’s first -class universities are at the forefront of the world, our data shows that the level of higher education in Asia is becoming stronger, where there are healthy competition, more and more cooperation, research and universities’ capabilitiesIncreased investment in construction and increased internationalization, which makes them more and more excellent. “
He said: “Higher education has undergone positive structural changes from the west to the east.
Mainland Chinese universities occupied five seats in the top ten in Asia, an increase of one seat from last year.Shanghai Jiaotong University ranks seventh.Fudan University and Zhejiang University are ranked eighth and ninth.There are two universities in Hong Kong, China, and Hong Kong University ranked sixth, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong ranks tenth.
Sentel Nathan, the executive director and co -founder of the Higher Education Consulting Company Education Alliance Group, said that Tsinghua University and Peking University have continued to rise in the past 12 years and become the best universities in Asia.
Nathan said: “Tsinghua and Peking University only have 14%to 18%of foreign students, and the universities that rank equivalent to them, such as the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, about 35%of foreign students, the proportion of international students at the University of Chicago is 24%.”
“These Chinese universities have gathered the best students in China. This is a huge difference. They do not follow the blueprint of the West,” he said. “They attract their talents in their country because they have enough resources.”
He also said: “Chinese universities are not concerned about the number of (research), but the quality, which is actually bringing bonus. The level of research is getting higher and higher. In the past 12 years, Tsinghua University’s research quality has been from the world in the world.71 positions rose to 12th place “” “”
Nathan said that Chinese universities have published a large number of high -quality papers, which brings patents and innovation, and it is also an important factor for their improvement in ranking.
He also said that the strategy of China’s top universities is to focus on new research areas related to artificial intelligence and big data.
Duncan Rose, chief data officer of the Times Magazine, said that thanks to the investment in high -level research institutions, the quality and quantity of Chinese universities surpassed the United States in 2022.
“The Chinese government has made a lot of investment in these universities. China has a series of investment initiatives that support higher education at the national, regional, regional and urban levels,” Ross said. “This has changed the research field of its higher education system.”
He said: “A few years ago, the number of Chinese research exceeded the United States for the first time. In terms of quality, the average level of China also surpassed the United States.” Rose said: “This is not to say that American universities have worsened in these two aspects.. The United States is also progressing, but some top universities in Asia and China make progress faster. “(Compilation/Wang Dongdong))