Qingdao North District Education and Sports Bureau and Qingdao Early Childhood Teachers College held a comprehensive strategic cooperation signing ceremony

  Based on collaborative education and deepen integration and development.In order to further promote the high -quality development of preschool education in Shibei District and cultivate high -quality preschool education talents, on April 25, the comprehensive strategic cooperation signing ceremony of the Education and Sports Bureau of Qingdao North District and Qingdao Children’s Normal UniversityAn experimental kindergarten is held.

  Fu Rongyun, deputy secretary of the party committee and principal of Qingdao Early Childhood Teachers College, Liu Feng, deputy head of the Shibei District Government, Wang Zhiyu, deputy principal of Qingdao Children’s Teachers College, Li Yi, Director of the Preschool Education Department of the Qingdao Education Bureau, Shibei DistrictLuo Dong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Education and Sports Bureau, Feng Gongqing, the Governor of the Education Supervision Office of the Shibei District Government, Wang Xiaojuan, Dean of the School of Preschool Education, Preschool Education of Qingdao Preschool Teachers.

  President Fu Rongyun said that this cooperation is an important way to promote the development of higher education, and it is also an effective way to realize the close combination of industry -university -research.The school will use this cooperation opportunity to continue to optimize the talent training plan, strengthen teacher educational education and practice teaching, and cultivate more child teachers who meet the requirements of the new era.

  Deputy District Chief Liu Feng emphasized that preschool education is an important part of basic education and the foundation of school education and lifelong education.It is hoped that the cooperation between the two sides will become a model of win -win situation, so that outstanding teachers can use their skills, make the children of children grow happily, improve the quality of the park, and benefit the people, and jointly contribute to the healthy development of preschool education.

  Under the testimony of the audience, Luo Dong and Wang Zhiyu signed the “Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau and Qingdao Early Childhood Teachers Higher College” on behalf of both parties.Representatives of the Preschool Education Alliance of Shibei District and representatives of the headmaster of the Northern District Kindergarten signed a related collaboration agreement with the representatives of the Qingdao Children’s Teachers College, respectively.Director Li Yi said that the cooperation in hand is a new opportunity and new challenge in the future development plan of the two parties.It is believed that the two parties jointly build a communication platform for multi -point linkage, diverse co -governance, and multi -party participation. It can gather advantageous resources, consolidate advantageous forces, and allow high -quality talent teams to lead the development of high -quality preschool education.

  The event was carried out to the last item, and a collective teaching and research activity was displayed by the young children and teachers of young children and kindergarten teachers. Director Zhu Xiaoling made a comment.

  Gathering the heart, starting a new journey.The Education and Sports Bureau of Shibei District officially joined hands to start a new chapter in cooperation.The two sides will carry out comprehensive, wide -level, and multi -level exchanges and cooperation in talent training, teacher training, scientific research, and research on topic research to achieve complementary advantages and resources of resources, and jointly promote high -quality sustainable development of preschool education.(Correspondent Ding Fei)