Reduce the burden on teachers in primary and secondary schools!Ministry of Education: Concentrated rectification and education and teaching has nothing to do with activities

In order to effectively reduce the burden of non -education teaching in primary and secondary school teachers, recently, the secretary group of the Central Education Work Leading Group issued a notice and made arrangements for the implementation of social affairs to enter the campus to reduce the burden on the burden of primary and secondary schools.

The “Notice” clarifies the scope and goals of special rectification.Centralized rectification of activities that have nothing to do with education and teaching entering the campus at will, as well as formalism that retention marks and light results in social affairs into the campus.Education and teaching good environment.

The “Notice” proposes four main tasks:

The first is to systematically arrange social affairs to enter the campus in recent years, formulate access standards, and strengthen problems rectification.

The second is to establish a system of social affairs entering the campus approval report, strictly control the provincial, municipal, and county -level social affairs to enter the campus total, establish a white list and announce it to the society.

Third, the specific plan for social affairs to enter the campus can be reviewed, and it can be integrated according to the actual work of the work to strictly control the scope and duration of the activity to improve the quality of entering the campus.

The fourth is to normalize and regulate social affairs to work on campus through monitoring, verification, and reporting.

The “Notice” requires local governments to raise positions, compact responsibilities, and regulate social affairs into the campus as an important task of rectification of the educational system as the rectification of the education system.The effectiveness of the special rectification of sensing inspection.

Source of information: Weiyan Education

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