The first seminar of education (curriculum and teaching theory) discipline construction and development seminar was held

China Education Daily (Reporter Zhang Xin) In order to accelerate the construction of the self -knowledge system of Chinese education and science, from April 20-21, the “first education (curriculum and teaching theory) discipline construction and development seminar” was held at the Capital Normal University.The meeting focused on curriculum and teaching theory, thoroughly studied major theories and practical issues, and provided important research support for promoting a new round of curriculum reform.
“In the context of the education power, the subject construction and development tasks of Chinese education are arduous and the mission is great.” Sun Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Capital Normal University, said that curriculum and teaching as the core elements of education activities, in -depth discovering the construction of Chinese independent courses and teachingOn an important position in the entire education theory system.Chen Yunlong, deputy director of the Education Materials Bureau of the Ministry of Education, believes that the seminar is based on the basic principles, concepts, and content methods of in -depth research on education, which will help the construction of a strong country, the construction of independent knowledge systems, and the training of new productive talents.Promote further deepening of education reform.Luan Zongtao, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education, said that to accelerate the establishment of an independent knowledge system for Chinese education and science.The intersection and development of disciplines promotes the high -quality development of education through high -quality discipline construction, and fully summarizes and uses the experience of contemporary Chinese education reform practice.Jiang Song, deputy director of the Institute of Curriculum Institute of the Ministry of Education, said that the institute will closely collaborate with the academic experts, adhere to the height of the overall development of the party and the country, and deeply understand the extreme importance of the curriculum textbook work.I feel that providing theoretical support for the establishment of a high -quality curriculum textbook system for the construction of a strong country.
More than 20 well -known experts in the fields of education (curriculum and teaching), professor of the Capital Normal University, have reported to the keynote report.The meeting also set up four special seminars and a postgraduate salon. The experts and scholars of the meeting around the history, experience and challenges, methodology, teaching reform and practice, team building and talent training of the construction of the discipline of curriculum and teaching theory, focusing on autonomy autonomyThe construction of the knowledge system is launched.More than 200 experts and scholars from 22 provinces, 46 universities in the country, and more than 20 primary and secondary schools attended the meeting.